My Photography Gear

One of my most commonly asked questions is about the gear that I use – and I completely get it! When I first started getting serious about my photography, I wish I could refer to a list like this. Of course, this is by no means a list of gear you should have or need to buy! These are just the tried and tested tools of my trade – gear that I use, love and can’t live without!

Everyone’s requirements, budget and preferences are a little different so I encourage you to do your research before making a purchase. Also please remember that the gear does not make the photographer! If you’re just starting out with photography, I recommend learning and getting comfortable with whatever camera you can get your hands on (yes, even if that’s your phone camera!)

Please note: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Of course, I only recommend brands/products that I personally use and trust! I have chosen to include them here to show you exactly what products I’m talking about, along with price point, etc. 🙂 See my disclosure here for more information and please leave a comment below if you have any questions about products listed below!


Camera & Lenses

Most of the images you see on my blog and Instagram account and shot with the Canon EOS R. I absolutely love this camera and the flippy screen is so perfect for food restaurant photography (makes flatlays a breeze when you’re not tethered!)

My two favourite lenses are the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and the Canon 50mm f/1.4. I also use a Canon EF-EOSR mount adapter. This allows you to use EF mount lenses (originally for Canon DSLRs) on the new EOS R mirrorless models, which use a RF mount.

When I was just starting out, I used the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, which is a super affordable alternative to the f/1.4. An awesome lens for beginners.

For a more affordable, compact and travel-friendly option, I highly recommend the Fujifilm X-T20. I started my career using this little mirrorless camera and think it’s a perfect option for those wanting to enter the world of interchangeable lens cameras. My favourite lens for this camera is without a doubt the Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4. Awesome bokeh and perfect for food photography.

Artificial Lighting

Ah the wonderful world of artificial lighting! My handy little Godox V860II-C Speedlight (Flash) together with the Godox XPro-C trigger comes everywhere with me. Affordable and reliable, I highly recommend this light to anyone looking to get into flash photography. Just make sure you purchase the version compatible with your camera (e.g. V860II-C = for Canon, V860II-F = for Fujifilm, etc).

You will also need a light stand and a bracket/adapter to mount the speedlight to your light stand. I like using an S-type bracket, which means I can also attach softboxes with a Bowens mount to my lightstand, however, if you’re just starting out with an umbrella, a simple umbrella bracket will do just fine. 


My favourite modifier is the Godox 120cm Octogon Umbrella Softbox. This creates a beautiful, big and soft light source. It’s also super transportable and easy to put up and pack down.

I also love my little Profoto Shallow White Umbrella (Small, 33″), which is the perfect compact lighting setup for small and squishy venues where there isn’t too much room for gear. I often use this umbrella together with the Profoto Umbrella Diffuser (Small).

You’ll also need to get a few sandbags if you plan on shooting on-location outdoors. 

For colour correction of my speedlight and creative colour uses, I use this gel kit


I love this super affordable 5-in-1 diffuser, which comes with a set of reflector covers (silver, white, black and gold). The diffuser can be used to soften light coming through a window, while the large size helps spread it all over your scene. The reflector surfaces are great for bouncing light back into your scene, or absorbing it (with the black side). Tip! Learn from me and make sure you learn how to fold this back up properly before you take it to a shoot 😂 

Continuous Lighting

For video content in my home studio, I use the Godox VL200 LED light together with the Godox 60x90cm Rectangular Umbrella Softbox and a boom stand.


I use the Manfrotto 290 Dual with 3-Way Head. I love this tripod because its super sturdy and durable, and it also has a 90° centre column, which allows you to shoot vertically or horizontally – perfect for flatlays!

Editing Software

I use Lightroom & Photoshop

Camera Bag

My Lowepro Flipside 400 Backpack ensures my camera, lenses, laptop, etc. are safe and secure. I use a separate bag for all my light stands, tripod, modifiers, etc.

Other Bits & Bobs

This remote shutter release allows me to stand away from the camera when taking photos. This is particularly useful when I’m shooting alone and want to take action shots or with my own hands in the frame. It also helps to reduce camera shake! Please note: this particular model is specific for Canon cameras. Be sure to choose the right connection for your camera.